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How to Winterize Your Home’s Exterior

Here in the Midwest, we know to plan for brutal cold and plenty of snow during winter. We need to make sure our home is prepped for the challenge. Read on to learn more about how to winterize your home’s exterior before the first snowfall.

Inspect Your Roof & Repair Any Damage

Check your attic for water stains or holes that allow sunlight in. Outside, look for cracks and gaps, as well as misshapen, damaged, and/or missing shingles that could allow pests and moisture to seep in and cause more serious problems. They can also decrease HVAC efficiency by letting indoor heat escape and cold outdoor air enter, leading to higher energy bills.
Additionally, carefully remove excess moss or black-green roof algae to prevent buildup. Mold and mildew can also grow and create a health hazard. Contact Armor Construction if you notice problematic bacteria/algae growth or to schedule a professional inspection with our experts.

Ensure Your Gutters are Clean & Functional

A clogged, broken, or otherwise faulty gutter system poses a threat to your home and landscape – even in winter. Be sure to clean out any debris and blockages from all gutters and downspouts. They need to be clear and working properly to channel away snow/ice melt before it freezes and creates an ice dam. Left untreated, ice dams can cause water to back up and damage your roof or leak inside. Furthermore, the gutters themselves can detach under the weight of accumulating ice and snow.

Check Your Siding & Fix Cracks, Leaks, & Any Other Damage

Just like with your roof, cracks and gaps in your siding provide spots where moisture and pests can creep inside and pose health and safety risks to your home and family. They can also allow unwanted heat exchange that decreases your HVAC efficiency. Check around the exterior of your home and seal any leaks to prevent these issues. If you notice more severe damage such as warped, broken, or missing panels, contact Armor for professional inspection and repair.

Seal Your Windows & Doors

While leaks like those we’ve discussed do happen with damaged roofing and siding, they’re most common around windows and doors. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal any gaps you find around window and door frames/trim. Consider upgrading to storm doors and windows for ultimate protection and efficiency. Also, be sure to lock windows and doors (instead of simply closing them) to ensure a tight seal.

We may not want to admit it, but the season of snow and ice is right around the corner. And with how brutal the season gets in our region, it’s never too early to start preparing. Use these tips on how to winterize your home’s exterior and stay ahead of the first cold snap and snowfall.

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