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The Roof Installation Process

The roof of your home is crucial for its protection, structural integrity, and overall value. If your roof is not healthy and has taken a beating over the years, then it’s time to replace it. The installation process of a roof is extremely detailed and for good reason, your roof is the first line of defense from the natural elements so it needs to be well constructed. As a homeowner, have you ever been curious about the process of installing a roof? Continue reading our blog to learn more information about the roof installation process.

Tearing off the old roof

The first thing that needs to be done when installing a new roof is the old one must come off. It’s impossible to properly install a new roofing system without removing the existing one. The older shingles will be removed or pounded flat into the remaining structure. Nails are usually left sticking out during this cycle, to allow them to tear holes in the new shingles.

Rolling out the underlayment

The underlayment of the roof is important, because it prevents ice dams and winds from allowing water into your home. This type of material is self-stick, which means that the backing is peeled off and the underlayment is applied straight and as flat as possible.

Covering the roof with felt paper

The felt paper is added after the underlayment; this helps remove the water that gets under the shingles and will increase the roof’s fire rating. The felt paper is usually rolled out into short sections and are stapled to ensure that is secured to the deck. It is vital that each paper overlaps the one before to provide coverage.

Add the shingles

Installing the shingles of the roof is probably the easiest step of roofing a home. The starter shingles are applied on as the first layer, this will create a barrier that keeps water from running in between the seams of the first shingles and causing a leak. After the starter shingles are applied, the main set of shingles are ready to be added. They are typically applied in an overlapping pattern and secured with a nail gun.

The Clean Up

This is the final step in installing a new roof. During this step, roofers will sweep away any debris off the roof and seal all the exposed nails. After that, an inspection will be conducted to ensure that the roof was installed properly, and the materials are not defective.

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