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Category: Gutters

Tips for preparing your home’s exterior for winter

Winter is approaching fast. We understand it’s no joke that as a homeowner in the Twin Cities you need to ensure that your home’s exterior is prepared for Mother Nature’s harsh elements. The last thing you need is to make costly repairs and replacements due to winter storm damage. Continue reading our blog to learn some helpful tips on preparing your home’s exterior for winter. Make sure your gutters are clean Cleaning your gutters should be something that you do every season but getting them cleaned right before winter is extremely important. If you do not have your gutters cleared […]

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Spring Roofing & Siding Maintenance Tips

Couple cleaning the soffits of their home while doing their spring roofing and siding maintenance tasks.

The temps are rising, and the spring thaw is upon us here in the Midwest. Even if you didn’t experience winter home exterior issues this year, the melting snow and ice can reveal and/or worsen hidden problems, or even create new ones all together. Stay proactive in protecting your home and preparing for storm season with these spring roofing and siding maintenance tips. Roofing Maintenance Checklist Check interior walls and ceilings for signs of water damage. If you notice any, snow and ice melt may be seeping in through leaks in the roof. Look for animal nests in roof vents, […]

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