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Category: Siding

Why is Quality Siding Important?

Residential home with updated, quality siding.

When you think about protecting your home, you likely imagine a sturdy roof, double-pane windows, and solid-core doors. But don’t forget about another significant component: siding. Why is quality siding important? For starters, it protects your home’s exterior – and by extension, the interior. Keep reading to learn why you need good quality siding, ways in which bad siding can damage your home, and indicators that your siding needs to be replaced. The Need for Quality Siding Security from Mother Nature’s harsh elements is a significant concern for homeowners. One way to protect your home is to ensure you have […]

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How to Winterize Your Home’s Exterior

Learn how to winterize your home’s exterior on the Armor Construction blog.

Here in the Midwest, we know to plan for brutal cold and plenty of snow during winter. We need to make sure our home is prepped for the challenge. Read on to learn more about how to winterize your home’s exterior before the first snowfall. Inspect Your Roof & Repair Any Damage Check your attic for water stains or holes that allow sunlight in. Outside, look for cracks and gaps, as well as misshapen, damaged, and/or missing shingles that could allow pests and moisture to seep in and cause more serious problems. They can also decrease HVAC efficiency by letting […]

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