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Category: Storm Damage

Winter Roofing and Siding: Can It Be Done?

Residential home covered in snow during winter.

When we talk about exterior upgrades, most of us associate them with summertime. But what about winter roofing and siding work? Can it be done? Read on to learn more about making exterior replacements, installations, and repairs during winter. Can You Replace a Roof During Winter? The simple answer is yes. However, as you could probably guess, the winter weather will impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers, their tools, and the materials. Roofing contractors must take extra safety precautions due to snow, ice, and cold temps. Additionally, these conditions can decrease the functionality of tools or even render […]

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How to Recognize and Prevent Winter Home Exterior Issues

Midwestern winters are notorious for excessive snowfall and bitter cold. While we can take steps to prepare our homes (and ourselves), we can’t guarantee a problem-free season. Use this guide to help prevent and recognize winter home exterior issues. Wind Damage Our region recently experienced unprecedented storms for this time of year, including the first tornadoes ever reported in Minnesota during the month of December. Strong winds can pry up metal flashing around chimneys and pipes, as well as crack or even completely remove shingles and gutter systems. Cold winter temperatures only leave the materials more susceptible to damage. Keep […]

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