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Tips for preparing your home’s exterior for winter

Winter is approaching fast. We understand it’s no joke that as a homeowner in the Twin Cities you need to ensure that your home’s exterior is prepared for Mother Nature’s harsh elements. The last thing you need is to make costly repairs and replacements due to winter storm damage. Continue reading our blog to learn some helpful tips on preparing your home’s exterior for winter.

Make sure your gutters are clean

Cleaning your gutters should be something that you do every season but getting them cleaned right before winter is extremely important. If you do not have your gutters cleared of debris and leaves before winter, you risk severe damage to your exterior. When your gutters begin to accumulate snow and ice, it freezes whatever is trapped inside of your gutters. This will cause them to be pulled from the home, meaning you will need a replacement, and there is also a possibility of your home having water damage.

Have your roof inspected

It is pivotal that you check your roof before winter or have it inspected by the professionals here at Armor Construction. A winter storm can easily do a number on your roof, which can lead to you spending a pretty penny on replacements or repairs. If you decide to inspect your roof yourself, here a few things to look for during your inspection:

Turn off your exterior faucets

When water is left in pipes during the winter they will almost always expand and cause the pipe to burst. It is critical that you make sure your exterior faucets are shut completely off. To ensure that your faucets are shut off, you should disconnect any garden hoses and drain the water that remained inside. If you have a lawn irrigation system, drain your sprinkler system, this helps avoid leaks and freezing.

Inspect your trees

We all enjoy seeing the leaves change colors and spread throughout the yard, but you should be checking to make sure the tree is healthy and in good condition, especially one that could potentially land on your home. If there happens to be branches that are touching your home and could cause damage, you should consider getting them trimmed before winter. You do not want a branch covered in ice against your siding and windows.

Contact Armor Construction

At Armor Construction, we take pride in protecting our customers, using our experience and expertise. Your satisfaction means our success. If you need your home’s exterior inspected before winter, our trusted professionals are here to help. Contact us today!