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Category: Storm Damage

Winter Storm Damage Checklist

There are many things to love and enjoy about Minnesota – 10,000 plus lakes, Mall of America, the various sports teams, and more. The one thing we can all agree on is that we are not a fan of the winter storms that make their way through the entire Gopher State. After these storms, homeowners are typically forced to shovel snow out of their driveways, scrape ice off their roofs and gutters, and look for potential damages to their home. You probably don’t know what damages to inspect for after a winter storm, but that’s okay, we have you covered. […]

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Common Roofing Issues and Repairs

The roof of your home will, over time, gain a lot of natural wear and tear from the likes of rain, snow, hail, and other natural elements. In addition, your roof or portions of it may have been improperly installed, which can cause damage to your home and become costly to repair and replace. If you want to catch these problems ahead of time and know what you should be looking for, continue reading for helpful information on common roofing issues and repairs. What are the most common roofing repairs? Most homeowners will typically encounter a roofing problem that will […]

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