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Winter Storm Damage Checklist

There are many things to love and enjoy about Minnesota – 10,000 plus lakes, Mall of America, the various sports teams, and more. The one thing we can all agree on is that we are not a fan of the winter storms that make their way through the entire Gopher State. After these storms, homeowners are typically forced to shovel snow out of their driveways, scrape ice off their roofs and gutters, and look for potential damages to their home. You probably don’t know what damages to inspect for after a winter storm, but that’s okay, we have you covered. Continue reading our blog for our winter storm damage checklist.

Water Damage and Leaks

One of the most important things to inspect for after any storm, is water damage. Water damage can cause your home to rot and allow mold to build up in your insulation. It can also seriously affect the foundation of your home. Water leaks are another thing to search for as well. Typically, if your roof has been damaged from a snowstorm, snow and ice will melt then seep through your ceiling. Using a flashlight is helpful when searching for any leaks, and if you notice any water spots, act immediately.

Roof Damage

During a winter storm, there are various things that can become damaged on your roof and if not tended to, will lead to costly repairs. A few things to look for when inspecting your roof are:

Check for Ice Dams

Ice dams can be a big pain for homeowners. They form when the ice freezes at the edge of your roof then prevents water and snow from draining off. The water that is trapped will cause damage to your insulation, walls, and ceiling. It is pivotal that you inspect and remove them after a winter storm or have a professional come take care of it.

Window Damage

When snow and hail are coming down during a winter storm, they can cause your windows to chip and crack. Damages to your windows require an immediate repair because cold air will then enter your home. Your energy bill will also rise because your heat is leaking through cracked windows.

Contact Armor Construction

At Armor Construction, we take pride in protecting our customers, using our experience and expertise. Our trusted team will handle the hassle of storm damage by providing professional repairs through a smooth, stress-free process. If you need repairs to your home or need an inspection after winter storm damages, we are here to help. Contact us today!